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If you are struggling with grief, it can feel like you will never feel normal again. Grief is a complex process - everyone will grieve in their own way, and heal on their own time frame. But healing does take work. Connecting with others in similar circumstances can be very helpful in the healing journey.

Many hospital-based hospice services offer free grief counseling and support groups. In Western N.C. Care Partners, and Four-Seasons both offer such services.

Local churches are also a good place to look for support. Some churches have grief support groups that meet regularly. We have had a great experience with Grief Share,a non-

denominational biblically based program that was developed to help people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. You can find local meetings on their website

Sometimes there are complicating circumstances that make grieving even more difficult. When a loved one dies by overdose or suicide, there can be less support given due to persistent stigmas that still exist around these types of deaths. There are groups that have been created exclusively for people grieving these types of losses.  The AFSP web site can help you locate a local group for survivors of suicide loss. GRASP is an organization for those who have lost loved ones to overdose.

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